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Pet Shipping

The decision to move overseas doesn’t always come with a choice of timing. If your employer says you are being transferred, you have to go when they say. On the other hand, families sometimes choose on their on to move to another country. They want to experience a new culture, or learn a new language. Whatever the reason, moving house involves pet travel if you have four-legged family members.

So if you do have a choice, what time of year is the best for moving your pet to another country?

That depends – on where you live now and also where you’re headed. It might even depend on points in between, if your pet’s trip will include a stopover or multiple airplane flights. Why? One word: weather.

Too hot – or too cold – means no pet travel

Most of the time, weather is not an issue when it comes to booking cats and dogs for an airplane trip. But airlines are responsible for your furry family member’s safety and comfort, just as you want them to be. The plane’s cargo hold where animals travel is temperature-controlled and pressurized, like the main cabin. But animals can be exposed to the elements as they are transported in their kennels to and from the plane. Occasionally, they have to wait for a few minutes on the tarmac.

Here is an article that details which airlines that will let your pet travel with you.

This is not acceptable when conditions are very hot or very cold. So airlines typically refuse to transport animals if it’s above 85 degrees or below 40 degrees. This becomes a problem for pet travel because you cannot predict the weather that precisely. If your cat or dog is booked on a flight and the weather forecast is too high or too low that day, they won’t be able to travel after all. You’ll have to monitor this on a day-by-day basis.

This is one of many reasons why working with an international pet transport company is so valuable. They deal with these issues all the time. They can help you choose the pet itinerary least likely to be affected by weather. And care for your pet if their plans are interrupted.

Note that these issues do not apply to pets traveling with you in the airplane’s main cabin. So if your pet is a kitty or a very small dog, and you expect to travel during iffy weather, you might want to forego cargo transport. But consider all the pros and cons before you decide. A move overseas is likely to involve lengthy flights, long waits and even longer hikes from gate to gate or baggage claim. The farther you have to carry your pet, the heavier she will feel.

In addition, in-cabin pets are considered to be your carry-on. So you won’t be able to take items you might normally pack to keep with you during your flight. You will have to pack a portable water dish, some food, a leash, and perhaps a toy. And you’ll need to do some advance reconnaissance to learn where the “pet relief” area is at any airport along your journey. After all, your pup or kitty will need a potty at some point.

There is one other thing to consider when it comes to timing pet travel
Key holidays are traditionally the heaviest travel periods, no matter where you are. More people. More luggage. More chaos. During these times, chances are greater you may not be able to get a reservation for your pet. Although every airline has different rules, they all limit the number of pets that can travel on any given flight. They limit the number in cargo, and they limit the number in-cabin as well. We listed the pet policies for all major airlines here.

If you make your pet’s in-cabin reservation early enough, you should not have a problem. (Be sure to re-confirm as your pet travel date gets closer.) However, pets traveling in the cargo hold can sometimes get bumped if there isn’t enough room for them. This is something you cannot predict or control, and it could happen at any point on your pet’s itinerary.

This is one reason you’ll be happy to have a professional animal shipper in your corner. They’ll have your back if something goes askew with your pet’s journey. You’ll have peace of mind. And you can focus on keeping your own travel plans on track.

General Transportation

We offers 3rd party logistics (3PL) services at most sites throughout the world. These facilities are ideally placed to handle the warehouse and distribution components of your supply chain – especially if your supply chain includes an international transport component. Improvements in stock management and distribution practices can be achieved through out-sourcing your internal warehousing & distribution functions.

By moving to an out-sourced / 3PL model you free-up capital that is currently tied-up in buildings and equipment – and move your logistics function onto a variable cost basis.

Inwards goods management, storage, pick/pack, national and al distribution, cross-dockingand labelling are all standard services available. As part of the Our group our 3PL services are ideally suited where multi-modal international transport forms a part of your inwards goods or distribution requirements.
Your business can also benefit from releasing management effort away from the day-to-day management of your internal logistics function to concentrate more on growth and development. We provide monthly KPI reporting so you can still maintain control of your inventory and monitor customer delivery performance.

Ltl And Truck Load

Your supply chain is fundamental to your long term success. Correctly structured it becomes your competitive advantage.

For long term success an organization must consistently achieve the following critical success factors:

Our Benefits

  • The right product representing that brand
  • A competitive price point representing that brand
  • Product to the marketplace to meet customer requirements and marketing plans
  • Product standard dictated by the brand
  • Margin that adds value to the organization

Air Transport

Every move is different, and every pet is special. At Island Transit Express , we are pet relocation experts. Moving is stressful for everyone, including your four-legged family members. We understand your concerns because we’re pet parents too. You can count on us to provide caring, compassionate attention to detail for your beloved pets, just as you do.

We offer comprehensive door-to-door transport, across Europe , USA , Asia and Oceania Continent. With decades of experience under our belts, we think we’ve seen it all. So no matter what your pet’s travel plans, we can help them get there as quickly and comfortably as possible.

We are intimately familiar with all the latest country and airline import/export regulations. (And, frankly, it can be difficult to find accurate information on your own.) We have long-standing relationships with airlines worldwide, so we navigate the carrier-and-route selection process more efficiently than you can on your own (and with a lot less frustration!). Working with us isn’t your cheapest option. But it’s hard to put a price tag on peace of mind. That’s doubly true when we’re talking about your furry companions.

We generally need 1 or 2 days’ notice to arrange your pet′s travel, depending upon the details and the destination. Not surprisingly, international travel arrangements are considerably more complex than domestic. Typically, we pick up your pet the day or hours before their departure and take them to the vet for their required examination and paperwork. In the UK, we also offer local travel-related pet taxi service — to and from the airport, your home, veterinarian, kennel, or groomer.

Island Transit Express domestic and international services include:

  • Pick up from residence
  • Boarding at a local top rated kennel (if necessary)
  • All airport services
  • Supplying a new IATA approved shipping container
  • Completion of health certificates
  • USDA endorsement
  • Completion of export or import documentation
  • All air cargo expenses
  • Customs clearance at destination
  • Delivery to new residence